South Africa is emerging as an outsourcing destination abroad for many reasons.

We speak English, or non-accented English, to be more specific. This means firms in the UK and Ireland find it easy to communicate with us, not just conversationally but also technically.

Remember, we’re not talking ‘mass outsourcing’ here, where the industry has had, and still has, a huge success in countries such as India and the Philippines, we’re talking Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.

These are highly specialized functions, like remote, customized accounting services which free up the business owners’ time so that they can spend more time with their customers and on growth strategies.

When it comes to complex businesses functions, the key to a trusting relationship begins with clear, understood communication objectives and timelines.

‘Broken Telephone’ is definitely not a party favourite.

South Africa also has time on its hands, or time-zones that work in our favour. Our time-zone makes us fairly close to the UK and Ireland, being just two hours ahead of GMT and one hour ahead of Paris.

South Africans are known as a  resilient and empathetic, nation, thanks to the two-year working visa programme, where most young South Africans at the turn of the century lived and worked in the UK and travelled Europe. We’re friendly and we’re focused. It’s possible the Northern Hemisphere has already met most of us!

We are known as hard-workers and trusted business partners. It does also help that the ‘£€’ combination makes for a lot of incentive. A profitable partnership indeed. We make money while clients abroad save money.

One could even look at the transaction as a socially responsible empowerment move. Good business prospects mean more start-ups, more growth, more demand and more jobs. Much needed jobs.

In conclusion, You win a car and you win a car and you win a car!